Mrs. Broadnax's Bulletin

February 10, 2014

Language Arts


Historical Fiction

We will begin working with historical fiction pieces that supplement what we are working on in Social Studies for the American Revolution. We will work on inferencing character traits, cause and effect, close reading, answering text dependent questions, and point of view. We will also be comparing and contrasting different historical fiction pieces.


We have been working on a story for "If I was Trapped in a Snowglobe" which is ficitonal narrative. We will move into personal narrative and work on telling "small moment" stories. We will be discussing author's craft.


Verbs- We are still reviewing verbs.

action verbs, linking verbs, helping verbs, progressive verbs

We'll have a quiz Friday, Feb. 14.

Word Study

We will paste in Unit 13 Words Monday.

Greek and Latin Roots -

spec/spect= watch, look at

spectacles- glasses used to look at things

spectator- someone who watches

respect- to look up to someone

inspect- to look into something

spectrum- a range that is looked at



What are fractions? What are decimal fractions? How do they compare? How do I add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals?

Please keep reviewing multiplication facts.


Light Energy

What is light? How does it travel?

What is reflection and refraction?

What is transparent, opaque, and translucent?

Light Test on Thursday, Feb. 20th.

Social Studies

The American Revolution

Who were significant people that made a difference in our history during this time?

What battles made a difference in the war?

How did geography affect the outcome of each battle?

Upcoming Tests

Friday, Feb. 14- Verbs

Thursday, Feb. 20- Light

Classroom News

PE Days




Important Dates

February 3-7- Relay for Life Pajama Bill Challenge

Friday, Feb. 7- PJ Day

Thursday, Feb. 13- Sweetheart Luncheon- 11:20-11:45

(Friday- eat in our room)

School News

Class Pictures

Spring picture day is Wednesday, February 19. Class pictures will be taken. Individual pictures will only be taken of students that pre-order them. To order a class picture or an individual picture visit BPI's website.

Student Reading and Writing Institute

Save this Date! June 9 - 12

The Brookwood Cluster announces…the 17th annual Student Reading/Writing Institute for current K - 4th graders

June 9-12 Mon. – Thurs. 9:00 – 12:30

Registration will be held on March 25th from 3:30 – 5:30 at Brookwood Elem.

Look for the flyer soon in your child’s folder.

Parent Survey

Is there a sense of pride at Craig? Do staff and stakeholders work together as a professional learning community? How does Craig feel when you enter the building? Craig is a wonderful place for our staff and students to teach and learn. Please go to the Craig homepage to complete the Georgia Parent Survey to inform the Georgia Department of Accountability about the positive school climate at Craig.