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what is hearing impairment

Conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the outer or middle ear, including the ear canal, eardrum, or ossicles. A blockage or other structural problem interferes with how sound gets conducted through the ear, making sound levels seem lower. In many cases, conductive hearing loss can be corrected with medications or surgery.

how it is caused

Many children can be born deaf due to genetic complication. Deafness can be passed down from generation to generation even if there is no history of anyone having a hearing impairment. Children that are born prematurely have a higher risk of becoming deaf or having an infection that can cause deafness. Occasionally some cases of hearing loss are caused by a head injury or being exposed to exposed to a large amount of extremely loud noise.

Communication Information

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different type of hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the outer or middle ear, including the ear canal, eardrum, or a blockage of sound

  • Conductive hearing loss is the result of disorders in either the outer or middle ear, which prevent sound from getting to the inner ear. Voices and sounds may sound faint, distorted or both.

  • Some common causes of conductive hearing loss

  • Infection of the ear canal or middle ear

  • Fluid in the middle ear

  • Perforation or scarring of the eardrum

  • Wax build-up

  • Dislocation of the ossicles (three middle-ear bones)

  • Foreign objects in the ear canal

  • Otosclerosis

  • Unusual growths, tumors

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

  • Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when inner ear nerves become damaged and do not properly transmit their signals to the brain. .

  • Injury

  • Excessive noise exposure

  • Viral infections (such as measles or mumps)

  • Ototoxic drugs (medications that damage hearing)

  • Meningitis

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • High fever

  • Ménière's disease

  • Acoustic tumors

  • Heredity

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss among adults (occurs in 80 percent of adult cases). It is not often medically or surgically treatable. Most sensorineural hearing loss can be successfully treated with hearing aids.

Mixed hearing loss- mixture of conductive and sensorineural

is there a cure?/laws about the deaf

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Laws about the deaf

  • The right to federal civil services

  • The right to drive

How to communicate more easily with hearing impaired people

You should carry around a notepad or touch device that can write notes to talk to the hearing impaired person

Trimming a moustache or beard might help for hearing impaired people to read your lips more easily.