Put A Stop To The Drop!

Frida Arroyo - Nov. 1st 2013 - Period 2

Doom and Gloom

  1. Even though water is an inexorable resource because of the water cycle, a lot of cities, even countries are losing their water they have around them. if we don't stop over using water, in a way, we wont have any water left.
  2. As the years go by, more people equals more demand for water. if we don't conserve all the almost dry areas are going to become absolutely dry and all the animals living in those ecosystems are going to have to migrate else well.
  3. Water is used to grow crops for food! so if we don't conserve water, we wont have any food!

Ways to Conserve

Turn the shower off while you loofah.

Turn the water off when you brush your teeth.

When you wait for hot water, save the cold water and give it to your plants.