DiddyRaidz Reached 50 Subs in 6 Days! Incredible

DiddyRaidz has reached 50 subscribers in 6 days, If you want to, go check him out at www.youtube.com/DiddyRaidz He does Minecraft stuff, If you like that kind of stuff, thats where you want to be.

ShoutOuts From DiddyRaidz

I Just want to give some shout-outs to my friends. The first one is MrJames071. He does awesome videos and and nearly reached 150 subs! www.youtube.com/MrJames071 The next one is 01theyounggun He is very funny and does any challenge he gets by his fans. www.youtube.com/01theyounggun And i have two more. The best one is ninjasflame0905. He does videos like blogs, gaming and more! www.youtube.com/ninjasflame0905 and last but not least is Roan D. He does tiny tutorials on minecraft, lets plays and game-plays of minecraft! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpjUgVCktT9MRpzg13KQ2bA

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DiddyRaidz wants you to SUBSCRIBE! Here is the LINK ------------> www.youtube.com/DiddyRaidz

Reaching 100 Subs!

DiddyRaidz has reached 100 subs in 1 week and 4 days! here is his point of view from this. "Reaching 100 subscribers in a short amount of time shocks me, i don't know many people who have succeeded this. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to me! appreciate it!" Go check out his channel. www.youtube.com/DiddyRaidz