The stolen chocolate recipe

The Kada Bar

Facts about this crime

Evidence found at the crime scene. what we found at the crime scene is a picture "5 x 7" of two young boys, a black metal lunch box, a red ball point pin, and a birth day card.

our suspect that we still need to do research about is Elbarno Farnsworth, Oscar hobson, Barry Newell, and Salty the cracker. We ask all of our suspects questions like what they were doing the night the recipe was stolen. how do they know Mr. Van Feisty. We ask where were they on that night. And when did they get home that night. We found finger prints in the room. Here are the peoples prints that we found Elbarno Farnsworth, Jewel Treasures, Oscar Hobson, Salty the cracker, Nelmira Simpson, and Airedale Johnson.

Main three suspects

The Thief

jewel treasures. she stole the chocolate because she wanted to get back at him because he fired her and he made it where she could never be a model again.
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