CUSD Childcare Newsletter

Week of August 5th, 2019

Updates and Info


Please click on the calendar icon to submit your child care scheduling request for the 2019-2020 school year. This is a mandatory step in the process for all families (except drop-in ONLY)

  • You will receive a follow-up verification email indicating your choices and pricing and review payment options

If you need to make changes, please do so before August 19th. Once teacher assignments have been handed out, you will receive another email requesting your child's homeroom teacher so we know who to notify regarding your childcare scheduling. Any questions, contact Tracy and thanks!



Big picture

If you have not been made aware, CUSD changed the bell schedule for the 2019-2020 school year, highlighted above. As a result, our childcare pricing structure has changed. Please take time to review our new fees for the 2019-2020 school year.

We will no longer offer Sibling Care for grades K-5, however, because TK is now half-day for the entire year, we will begin to offer Sibling Care for those TK-ers with older siblings. If you elect this option, you must provide the name and grade of your TK-er's older sibling for verification before we can proceed with scheduling and billing.

For additional information, contact Lisa or Tracy and thank you for your understanding!

Missing Childcare Paperwork

Please keep an eye out for an email from Tracy starting in August, notifying the families that still have outstanding behavior & medical forms. Please note the following:

  • You can easily submit the form online from your phone or pcu
  • Childcare will not be available for families without this form on file


Final Payments

  • Families with outstanding balances from the 2018-2019 school year will not be eligible for services in 2019-2020. Please log in to your account to make sure you are up to date.

Online Registration NOW OPEN

Instructions for Registration

Parents enrolling in child care must complete a 3-step application process and will be notified upon acceptance, at which point and NOT before, students are eligible to attend.

Step 1. Register in MyProcare, our online scheduling and payment program

Step 2. Review & Submit Required Documents

Step 3. Submit your Schedule Request, one per child please (not required for Drop-in ONLY)

NEW! Text messaging in 2019-2020

We would like to begin using text as a great way to communicate important information with parents in the new school year. For this to be effective, you must verify the following in Procare:

  • "Cell" is selected as phone type
  • Your number is accurate
  • Your cell carrier is selected

You can update this information anytime by logging in to your account! We appreciate your help in ensuring our program continues to improve for your family and ours!!!

Have Questions?

Email us here! Our office is open all summer long to answer anything that may come up.

Frequently asked questions:

When will I be contacted about my before/aftercare needs for the coming school year?Around August 1st, we will reach out to every family that has registered online and establish your schedule and billing cycle. If you have your classroom teacher assignment, please let us know at this time too!

What is the payment schedule and can I cancel anytime?

You will be billed in 10 equal payments, with one divided in half between August and June. You can change or cancel your childcare services at anytime but these requests must be submitted before the 1st of the month or with at least 48 hours notice before the change.

Why can't I add new siblings to my account when I re-register my existing child?
All siblings need to be added by the site administrator. Please email their names and birth dates directly to the email above and then you will be notified when you can log in to complete registration.

I need to change my contact information. Can I make changes?

You can change your personal information at anytime however, spouse or emergency contact info can only be changed by the site administrator. Please email us above.

Program Overview

General Information

Coronado Unified School District offers Child Care programs for our elementary students, which extends learning and fun into the hours before and after school. The program provides a safe space for your child in the early morning and until the late afternoon. Children have the option to participate in indoor and outdoor activities including sports or arts and crafts and, in the afternoon, are invited to bring a snack or choose one from a provided selection.

Before School Activities

We offer care starting at 6:30 a.m. where students can quietly study or read, join a morning activity or catch up with friends. Care is located in Village Hall for Village elementary students, in the Childcare "A" Room at ECDC for TK and Kindergartners, and in the Child Care room at Silver Strand. Upon arrival, parents are required to check in their child/children through our system. Breakfast is not available through the District, but children may bring their own. At 8:00 a.m., we escort the children to their respective playgrounds to line up for school.

After School Activities

Afternoon Child Care, at all sights, begins once school is let out and students are led from their classrooms to begin the check-in process and then participate in a variety of daily indoor and outdoor activities. Each day we will offer an array of activities for the enjoyment of the children along with an afternoon snack. We also offer a homework club on Mondays - Thursdays at Village Elementary. Care is available until 6pm at all District sites.

Parent Pick Up

All children must be checked out in our system when they are picked up NO LATER THAN 6pm. For the students at Village, checking out is done through Village Hall located on H Avenue. At ECDC and Silver Stand, parents will check out students at the Child Care classroom. If you are going to have someone else pick up your child that is not on the Emergency Contact List or Authorized Contact List, please email the Director with 24-hour notice. The children will not be allowed to leave Child Care without your prior permission! Please remind people picking up to bring a photo ID.

CUSD Preschool & Childcare Department

Site Phone Numbers:
Emergency Cell: (619) 972-5561
Village: (619) 522-8915 ext. 5884
ECDC: (619) 522-6087
Silver Strand: (619) 522-8934 ext. 4081