Dolphin Diary

Week #7

Here's to week 7!

Thanks for your engagement and participation on Thursday. I appreciate your dialogue in our community circle. I look forward to more discussions as we grow together to create an even better community for each other and our students and their families. Marika's presentation on student talk gave us a lot of information and strategies for increasing student talks. I believe this is one of our tickets to helping our students make growth. Thanks for committing to working on this.

I hope you had a relaxing three day weekend. You matter at Minter Bridge!



I noticed...

*Gloria and Nardy leading a fabulous kindergarten parent night that really showcased the success students are having in their second language.

*Hector taking on the day and night shift to keep our school clean.

*Ko increasing the level of rigor for students in writing.

*Petra settling into her new job and making connections with students.

*Aida using sentence patterning charts and songs to support students.

*The kitchen staff cheerfully interacting with all our students EVERYDAY!

*Shari doing hands on projects to engage kids.

*Pati really pushing and supporting native English speakers in Spanish.

*Matias keeping students moving and having a very organized warm-up!

*Leticia working diligently with small groups in Kindergarten.

*Erin provided classroom primary retreats to help classroom communities grow.


Here is the schedule of who is covering your classes. You won't need a computer at PLCs this week.

Kinder - changed this week

4th Grade - changed this week

3rd Grade


3M - Magnuson 3L-Canova


3M - Canova 3L - Magnuson

FRIDAY October 21st

3/4 Grade


3/4M - Canova 3/4Z Magnuson


3/4M - Magnuson 3/4ZCanova


October 17 8:15 Morning Rally

October 18 10:45-12:45 AXA advisor in staff room

October 19 Principal Directed Academic Seminar

October 20 8:15 Assistant Meeting

Healthy Team, Healthy U Visits in staff room

October 21 Vision Screening

October 24 8:15 Morning Rally

October 26 2:30-4:00 Data Roadshow at Minter Bridge

October 27 8:15 Assistant Meeting

October 28 6:00 Fall Festival