Facilitator's Update

Important Information and Updates


How are you feeling? Now that you have started to teach students based on data, how are you feeling? Do you feel that what you are doing is effective? Do you feel that students are getting what they need? Do you feel that you have the materials and resources that you need in order for your students to be successful? Whatever the answer is to the following questions, we as educator are expected to make it work... and that we do an absolutely great job at! Taking nothing and turning it into something extraordinary is what we do best. We are in the problem-solving profession. We have to problem solve and troubleshoot daily. As I am reading our book club book, The Hard Hat, I liked the part of the book where the coach changed George's position for the betterment of the TEAM. He had faith in George and knew that George could play any position and do it well. George didn't complain. He may have said a few choice words in his mind initially, but the coach never knew. George took it as a compliment and did what he had to do to remain awesome and do what was best for the team. He could have complained, he could have gave the coach a piece of his mind, but he didn't take it as a jab or demotion, or hard hit. He took it as, "If you believe that I can, I will not let you down." When I am asked to put more on my plate, I take it as a compliment. When I am stretched beyond my comfort zone, I take it as a compliment. As I ask you to do certain things or take on extra tasks, I do it because I believe in you and know that you are capable of handling it and will do a great job at it. So it is OK to fuss inside your mind as you rise to the occasion and take on tasks to do what is best for the students and make the team function properly. I believe that you are great! If you weren't, you wouldn't be a Croft Colt! :-)

Have a great weekend!


Common Assessment Information

Common Interim Assessments

BEACON tests in SchoolNet: Please note that the last day to access the Cycle 1 Elementary Literacy BEACON test in SchoolNet is October 23rd. Cycle 2 work is supposed to begin on Monday, October 19th.

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I think all teams have been shared the correct PEP form to complete. It is under RTI Academics-process.

Please let me know if you have any questions. PEP's need to be completed before parent- teacher conferences. If we have time next week after we discuss data, groups, plans, etc. we can spend time working on PEP's.

Bulletin Board Update...Again

Please don't forget to update your bulletin boards before conferences next week. Please make sure that the work is neat and goes beyond the knowledge and comprehension phase. If students are regurgitating information that they have learn, this is not something that should go on your bulletin board. If the answers are similar, then this does not constitute rigorous work. Remember, your bulletin boards are a reflection of your teaching and the expectations in your classroom. Try to make sure that you display their best work. Don't forget to include the standard and a sentence about the assignment.

Complex Text---Not Making Meaning Books

This week we did not get a chance to analyze books due to the change in the PEP process that I had to go over. Many teams came prepared and I want to say thank you. Please bring a book next week that you plan to use and make sure it isn't a making meaning book.

Those books have already been analyzed for you in your scope and sequence document.

Setting Goals

We will set MAP and TRC MOY goals during planning next week. We will also set S.M.A.R.T goals in grades 3-5 for EOG data. Please refer to the data sent last week to get an idea of what goals you want to set and strive to achieve.

Read to Achieve-3rd Grade

Read to Achieve Test

The RtA test is for any 4th grader with a retained label in Powerschool who has not shown proficiency on any other measure. If a student scored the minimum required score on MAP (207), Discovery Ed (1505), TRC (Level P) or a successfully completed portfolio (minimum of 3 passages per standard with a minimum average of 70% per standard) during the BOY benchmark this school year, he or she SHOULD NOT take the Read to Achieve test. Please be sure to check data of your RtA 4th graders to ensure they are coded properly in PowerSchool and do not inadvertently take the RtA test on October 30th.

Read to Achieve Portfolio Passage Boxes

These have been sent by the state and are now in our testing warehouse. The boxes will be delivered to schools Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week. They will be made attention to the Testing Coordinator. Please remember these are secure state testing materials and should be stored as such. No passages from any year should go home. The process for portfolios has not changed from last year. Should you need guidance, please email Jennifer Harrison at Jennifer.harrison@cms.k12.nc.us.

Information from the Math Department---Problem Solving

From Kaneka in the Math Department about Problem Solving

The link below is to the a short clip about “noticing and wondering” as a strategy when problem solving. I am also enclosing a link to a PDF to help with this. I am thinking that this is such an easy practice for parents and a great idea for math family night. If you use it, I want to hear about it! Have fun guys!



How would I use this?

One word of caution. This is not very different from other intentional strategies for slowing kids down and getting them to think about math.

· Share the video clip

· Ask teachers for reactions

· Ask teachers how they think their students would respond to this

· Offer for someone to try it out and bring back (student work, short video clips (math facilitator can video to support this)

Science Contest

Science Contest Opportunity

The following information is from Wayne Fisher, our Elementary Science Specialist:

Dear Teachers, This is a contest that I know our students in CMS can win! There are two categories for elementary, K-2 and 3-5, but there are topics for each specific grade level, K-5.

This is a writing contest but it also includes art and technology. It is a class project and an excellent opportunity to integrate science content aligned to the NC Essential Standards with literacy standards for writing. I highly encourage you to browse the contest rules and consider having your students participate in the contest. As with all of these contests, please accept my offer to be an “Engineer Consultant” or “Science Advisor” for the work your students will do. It has been my experience that we have some of the best and brightest elementary students --- and talented teachers too! --- right here in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. This national contest is an opportunity for our students to compete with students across the nation to showcase the wonderful work our teachers and students are doing every day to learn about STEM.

Here is a short description of the contest. Be sure to read all the rules and explore the contest website before entering. Deadline to enter is March 1st, 2016, but the contest starts November 1st , 2015.




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Scope and Sequence- Literacy

Scope & Sequence

As we are completing the first Cycle for Scope & Sequence, we would very much like your feedback. Please use the following link to provide your input. https://drive.google.com/openid=1ZUddt_QDC1ORSobHkRL5j4PPq6jEe5_LvUCwvChI15w

We would also like to collect student samples from each cycle, so that we have these for next year. These evidences of the good work your students are doing as a result of the Scope & Sequence will be great tools to support teachers as they learn about the Scope and Sequence in the coming cycles and year.

Use the link below to upload student samples in the designated grade folders.


Kids Voting

Mr. Yem will take care of Kids Voting next week. He will give you an opportunity to sign your class up to vote. Be on the look out for a sign-up sheet and instructions.

Thanks Mr. Yem

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Thank You

Thank you to Mrs. Cassam for spearheading the book club. It is an awesome book and we are enjoying it.

Thank you to Svenkeson and Smith for spearheading the BOOK-IT initiative. They are working out the details and plan to roll it out the first of November! Thank you to others who offered to help as well. You are more than welcome to join their team!

Thank you to the instructional assistants for being flexible due to absences. When we have extreme absences, splitting classes does not work. I appreciate your commitment and flexibility.

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