Behavior Bits

July 2022


You did it - and you did it well. The 2021-2022 school year was not for the faint of heart. At the outset it appeared to be like any other school year, but we quickly saw it was not. Learning loss was real. Extended time off schedule and out of the classroom left many skill deficits. Classroom management and building relationships with one another to better build campus communities were more important than ever. Now that you are here, I send you a heart felt thank you for all that you have done. I hope this month's Bits finds you in a rested body [and with a growth mindset] because next year, we are going to really knock it out of the park!
Behavior Bits July: taking a minute to be grateful for and proud of the 2021-2022 school year
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Find out which tips and tricks I had to pull out when we unexpectedly ended up with a 4(ish) month old puppy at home this month....

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Education Code defines Behavior Intervention Services (BIS) as, "A systematic implementation of procedures designed to promote lasting, positive changes in the student's behavior resulting in greater access to a variety of community settings, social contacts, public events, and placement in the least restrictive environment."

Certify teachers, case managers, administrators, instructional paraprofessionals, and other relevant staff to provide these IEP services at your school site for students with disabilities through the Behavior Intervention Services Academy. Find the registration link here at BCOE's GoSignMeUp page.