5th Grade News

January 8, 2016 - Charleston Payment Options

Coming Up...

  • Monday, Jan. 11- 1st Payment ($175) or pay in full ($275) due for Charleston trip
  • Tuesday, Jan. 12- All Field Trip forms due
  • Friday, Jan. 15 – Parent Night Out from 6-9 PM
  • Friday, Jan. 15- All missing work needs to be turned in
  • Monday, Jan. 18 - No School
  • Tuesday, Jan. 19 – Girl Scout Meeting @ 6 PM
  • Wednesday, Jan. 20 – Early Release Day Dismissal @ 12:15 PM (End of 2nd Quarter)
  • Friday, Jan. 22 – School Store Open 7:45-8:10 AM
  • Monday, Jan. 25 - No School (Teacher Workday)
  • Friday, Jan. 29 – Winter Dance $5.00 from 6-8 PM (proceeds go towards Charleston Trip)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2- Mandatory Packing Meeting for Charleston Trip from 6-7 PM for chaperones and 7-7:45 PM for all others to meet chaperones and discuss the trip
  • Wednesday-Thursday, Feb. 10-11- Field Trip Charleston, SC
  • Monday, February 15- No School- Teacher Workday
  • Friday, Feb. 2- $25 for School Handprint Tile for Parkside Family Wall due (extra forms in office)

Charleston Field Trip-February 10-11, 2016

The total cost of this trip is $275. We will spend 2 days and 1 night in historic Charleston.

Permission slips, 4 of them, were sent home. Please complete and return these ASAP. Printable versions of the forms are on Mrs. Morgan's Weebly website (address below).

*The online payment feature is finally up and running (thanks to our brand new Senior Administrative Assistant).**

Important Dates:

  • Monday, Jan. 11- First payment due ($175)
  • Monday, Feb. 1- Final payment due ($100)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 2- Mandatory Packing Meeting (meet the chaperones)
  • 5:45 am on Feb. 10- begin boarding charter buses from Parkside parking lot :0)

Math- Multiplying Fractions

We completed our unit on adding and subtracting fractions today. We Will continue to review adding and subtracting fractions with UNLIKE denominators.

Next, we will kick off our unit on multiplying and dividing fractions beginning with multiplying. Students will have to switch gears when learning this concept because it is NOTHING like adding and subtracting fractions. Because of this, we will continue to review.

Please start/continue practicing multiplication facts at home. These should have been mastered long ago (A good game I play with my children at home is try to beat my time in a multiplication fact game.-QR). Fractions are the bulk of the 5th Grade Math EOG and knowing their multiplication facts makes this easier.

Science- Weather

This week we continued discussing the differences between weather and climate. Next, we moved on to the 3 basic types of clouds and discussed what happens when you add either nimbo/nimbus to the the name of the cloud. Ask your child what each type of cloud looks like and what type of weather it will bring.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, we will have a quiz over what we have covered so far in our Weather Unit. Students should study the following:

  • Water cycle- the purpose, all the stages, what happens at each stage, and the order
  • Clouds- what are they, how they form, and the 3 main types
  • Vocabulary to know: troposphere, weather, climate, humidity, fog, collection, runoff, evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, cumulonimbus, and nimbostratus

To practice vocabulary words, I would suggest creating vocabulary flash cards with the word on the front and the definition with examples on the back to promote further understanding.

English Language Arts (Reading)

This week we practiced summarizing non-fiction text. We learned/reviewed factual information about Ellis Island. Then we spent some time linking the past to the present regarding immigration laws. We were able to see that history repeats itself.

Please make sure your child is still reading a fiction book for enjoyment and jotting nightly. This book should come back and forth from school to home daily. Remind them to log their reading on Biblionasium daily.

Compass Learning (Web Based Literacy Program)

In a Nut Shell:

-website www.thelearningodyssey.com (your child has their username & password in their agenda)

-there's an App, Puffin Academy

-based on your child's MAP Scores


-60 minutes per week (that's about 3-5 activities)

-will work on this during class

-homework if not complete

-80% is considered mastery

-grade will be given for completion/effort shown

*Any extra you do at home will greatly help your child, there is a correlation between this program and the EOGs.