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Welcome Back!

It is wonderful to welcome everyone back for another exciting year with 833 Young Scholars. This year is sure to bring your student new adventures in thinking, discovering and understanding the world around them.

This year, 833 Young Scholars will continue to build the core skills of divergent, convergent, visual and evaluative thinking all while working to increase access, affirmation, and advocates for your Young Scholar.

Throughout the year, please feel free to reach out any time with questions, concerns, thoughts, or ideas. 833 Young Scholars is here for both students and families, so let me know how I can best support you and your Young Scholar!

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Young Scholars goals: Access, Affirmation, Advocates

This Month in Young Scholars

What do you do with an idea?

Children have an amazing capacity for creativity and a seemingly endless - and fearless - sense of imagination. We see evidence of this each day as children create their own games, act out role plays, build imaginary worlds and ask questions that are frequently perplexing and surprising.

This ability to look at the world differently, and see new possibilities in the everyday, is one of the most beautiful qualities of childhood, and one, sadly, that seems to be less common as children grow.

Nevertheless, it is from just this kind of thinking that our most important inventions and discoveries come because it is only through seeing the world differently that we will see change in the world. We need creative and fearless thinkers, and many of them are sitting right in front of us.

However, having wild and crazy ideas is not always easy, even for children. For one thing, it's sometimes hard for children to explain their thinking to others, or to understand that not everyone will see, or love, their ideas like they do. It takes courage to think differently, Your support and encouragement (and hugs) can go a long way to help.

Another tough part of thinking differently is knowing what to do with all those ideas and imaginings. Sometimes just the amount of things to wonder, and possibly worry, about can feel overwhelming.

Often, just acknowledging this to be true and talking about it with your Young Scholar can help. In addition, an idea journal is a great way to record and organize thoughts. A journal can also help children see connections, themes, and patterns in their thinking which can make all those ideas feel a bit more manageable.

In fact, there is much we can do to encourage our children to hold on to their imaginations, embrace their creativity, and have the courage to think differently, so that today's Young Scholars have the opportunities to grow and develop into tomorrow's dreamers, inventors, explorers, and leaders.

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Information, Resources and Opportunities for Your Young Scholar

September Resources

Below are some delightful reads to further support and encourage your Young Scholar's creativity and imagination.

If your Young Scholar has ever asked you a question that starts with "Why...", the Time for Kids Big Book of Why may be for you. The book's 1,001 questions and answers may just be a match for your Young Scholar's curiosity, but just in case, you could also try the Time for Kids

Big Book of How and Big Book of Where.

What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada is a story for anyone who's ever had an idea they didn't quite know what to do with. This touching picture book shows children that ideas are precious things that deserve space to grow.

The author, Kobi Yamada, follows up his first book in the series with What Do You Do with a Problem? and What Do You Do with a Chance?

Both books are equally engaging and inspiring as they help children navigate the problems and choices that come their way.

A Book of Questions by Jane G. Meyer asks thought-provoking, funny, and sometimes silly questions sure to get your Young Scholar thinking and asking questions of their own.

I Wish You More by Amy Krause Rosenthal is a book of endless good wishes - wishes for curiosity and wonder, for friendship and strength, for laughter and peace. Besides being a beautiful way to encourage and support your Young Scholar, I Wish You More is also a great way to spark conversations about the "why" behind the wishes.

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Hi All!

My name is Colleen Redmond, and I am thrilled to work as the 833 Young Scholars advocate and lead teacher.

I'm a mom of two teenagers, a wife, small business owner, avid biker (the pedal kind), book enthusiast, and beekeeper. Plus, on top of all of that, I have the happy job of implementing and growing the Young Scholars program here in 833!

I've been lucky enough to teach in South Washington County Schools for over twenty-five years and have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the lives of so many students and families over the years.

Now, as part of Young Scholars, I have the honor of working with the amazing staff, students, and families throughout 833. I am so very excited to work with and support you and your Young Scholar. I can't wait to see where the journey takes us!

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