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April 24th

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12/29 – 6/30 Roll Like a Boss, and Trip for 1 or Trip for 2
Level 1: Roll into Hoopla like a boss with the VIP Style BOSS Hoopla Pass (we’re talking VIP Cocktail Reception, Exclusive Charm, VIP Registration, Priority Entrance to the Fashion Show, First Access to the Hoopla Boutique and your own Private Jewelry Viewing with the Style Team) plus a brand new and exclusive Trunk Show Jewelry Roller! Earn this with 25,000 Points (12,500 PQV minimum)
Level 2: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 1 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 45,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)
Level 3: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 2 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 75,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)
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April 2017 Sign Up Special

This special begins on Thursday, March 30th and ends Sunday April 30th at 9pm PT!

Any Stylist who signs during the incentive period will automatically receive an additional $100 in sample credits. They will receive $200 in credits when they hit their Quickstart.

An additional $100 will be automatically loaded to the account for the Stylist to use within her first 7 days to purchase samples.

Yes, you must use all product credit, including your additional $100 within your first 7 days as a Stylist. Please note, the day a Stylist signs up counts as day 1.

Top 10 in Sales

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Top in Qualified Stylist

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Congrats to all who have Qualified 1 Stylist

Charlotte Pottieger

Autumn Agugliaro

Amanda Schecter

Stephanie Miller

Laura Pierce

Kasia Noblett

Jen Gilbert

Amy Jackson

Tiffany Smith

Carrie McCormack

Katie Wasserman

Lauren Peterson

Jessa Helm

Amanda Mcdanel

Summer Phillips

Jessica Dyer

Tamra Chan

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Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Jumping over 1,000

Kari Mapes $1,264

Earned over $900

Lily chen $922

Tiffany Lisjak $907

Karen Duckett $903

Earned over $500


Stacy Belosi $516

Earned over $400

Kristin Hardt $497

Page Schmid $496

Collette Atha $491

Shae Compton $485

Crystal Daniel $471

Amanda Shane $471

Katie Griffin $458

Laura Pierce $450

Kristin roberts $427

Kimberly Rossini $420

Jamie McGuire $414

Bonnie Darby $408

Earned over $300

Carina Vayo $397

Ashley Howe $397

Sherita Harris $392

Rebekah Winkler $377

Jill Steele $375

Ashley Casey $369

Jennifer Lakin $368

Summer Martin $365

Jaime Hoogendyk $361

Lori Cropp $353

Laura Benson $352

Sara Lichter $350

Ashley Jordan $348

Michaela Rychener $340

April Myers $339

Nicole Simon $337

Megan Dempsey-Byler $334

Peggy Hall $329

Jennifer Bridgman $324

Brenda Speckmann $319

Rebecca O'Brien $316

Jessica Beshaw $312

Victoria Puleo $312

Stephanie Laxton Noriega $311

Melissa Yuska $308

Kristen Rohaley $308

Stephanie Thomas $308

Crystal Urbanski $302

Earned Over $200

Jessica Grusemeyer $295

Abigail Shepperson $291

Christina Little $288

Frances Allen $276

valerie Ibarra $273

Jennifer York $269

Lisa Zimmerman $267

Ashleigh Brendel $264

Erin Stuckmaier $264

Jami Randall $261

Colleen McCarthy $256

Christy Ventura $252

Jaclyn Mason $252

Amy Owens $252

Angela Bindel $250

Heather Elzeer $247

Kasia Noblett $246

Grace McHale $244

Julie Reeder $238

Anjie Henry $234

Kelly Cartwright $233

Kelsea Doucakis $233

Tamara Rosholt $229

Janette Pompeo $228

Elizabeth Opitz $228

Michele Wyss $227

Erin DeHaven $225

Allison Fernandez $222

Deborah Wenzel $220

Rebekah Peters $220

Andrea Baines $220

Jamie Lumb $215

Allison Yount $212

Maria Stols $212

Stacey Blizzard $212

Deirdre Jones $211

Courtney Deeb $209

Karen Oliphant $206

Lauryn Weaver $205

Gaethane Josama $205

Amanda Scott $205

Gabriella Scanziello $204

Zuleida Wolfson $202

Jessica Picou $201

Earned Over $100

Samantha Auckland $190

Brittany Sobieski $176

Helen Park $169

Deborah Casadonte $166

Crystal Telle $156

Kylie Ervin $153

Jennifer Ayers $137

Cherilyn Reeg $134

Kathryn Bertsche $132

Alicia Holcomb $120

Kelsey Fogle $120

Debbie Johnson $119

Amanda Gibson $116

Michelle Frawley $116

Taylor Wright $114

Tamra Chan $111

Kelly McMillian $109

Miranda Reuter $105

Weekly Opportunity Calls & Webinars

LIVE from the NY Design Studio

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 All Day

Get your mid-week style fix and dose of S&D joy! CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin and Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris will go LIVE together from our NY Design Studio on Wednesday, April 26. Don't worry if you miss it, we'll share the direct link on the S&D Facebook page so you can share it too.

Hope Everyone has a great Week!! Let me know if you need anything!

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