Help a brother from another mother

Stop illegal activities! So you can Cruise safely!


Seriously, Somalia needs money, people there are messed up. With no government, people are on their own. When foreign invaders come near their countries doing some illegal activity, local fishermen took it upon themselves to defend their country


Surely, people in somalia are bored. Oh wait, they AREN'T. They are looking for food, they are trying to survive the day. This is a daily thing people in Somalia do, so be thankful for everything you have. Every simple little thing like food, clean water, shelter, and a family with smiles on their faces.

Activities they are doing

Well they could be living the life, such as doing childhood stuff, playing video games, hanging out with friends not having to worry if they will have food when they come home. While people in other countries don't have to worry about coming home without food.


The underlying cause of this is the lack of government, and people here are taking everything upon themselves to protect their country. If we rebuilt Somalia, as in give aid to it, it could prosper to a country it should be. We could end the piracy, and people could cruise safely without having to worry about pirates.


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Seriously help

Somalia is a 3rd world country, it needs help, surely you have helped someone before, help someone again! Spread the word so people will hear about this. Soon the government will have to do something! Government aid would be beneficial to the people here! Soon the United nation would hear and try to stop the illegal dumping and fishing

Love for ones country

Love for one's country

Somali citizens show love for their country even when it's low, people still support their country through thick and thin. ordinary men who fish for living stood up for their country when in need from foreign invaders. Yet once they chose the pirate life, it consumed them to do bad things. We should show love and support for Somalia. We could help by lending aid, and help establish a government that is effective and it could end the piracy and bring peace and balance in Somalia

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