Dorothy Must Die

by: Danielle Paige


The New York Times Bestseller tells of the adventure of Amy Gumm, a 16-year old girl who lives in a trailer park in Kansas. With an alcoholic for a Mom and kids at her school that treat her like dirt, Amy desperately wishes to escape her crappy trailer park life. But by the time her trailer swept up by a tornado and lands in a dark twisted world, that's the last of her wishes.

Welcome to Oz! But this is a different kind of Oz, a dark corrupted version of the merry cheerful world beyond the rainbow that we once knew and loved. Here magic has been sucked out of the ground, winged monkeys and munchkins are enslaved to Glinda the Good, and here a power crazy psychopathy sits on a throne wearing a silk and chiffon gingham dress with two ruby slippers on her feet. Yes my friends, Dorothy's back.

When Amy arrives in Oz she immediately gets swirled up in all this madness when she's captured by the Tin Woodsman and imprisoned in the Emerald City. But when she's rescued by the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked things get a lot more complicated. (Yes, the wicked witches are the good guys.)

The Order of the Wicked is an illegal organization set to rebel against Dorothy's tyranny. After joining the Order, Amy is given the mission to kill Dorothy and restore peace to Oz. She will be taught magic, learn to fight, and go up against all odds to do what is right.


The Emerald City

After Amy has completed her training she is sent to the Emerald City to complete her mission to assassinate Oz's queen. Under the guise of Astrid, a scullery maid who works at the palace, Amy goes undercover in the palace to gather information on Dorothy.

At her stay, Amy witnesses the horrors of Dorothy's treachery including her three notorious henchmen. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodsmen, and Lion have all become dark twisted versions of themselves. The Scarecrow, who preforms gruesome, torturing experiments sucking liquid from brains to make him smarter. The Tin Woodsman, who's heart has been corrupted to make Dorothy his, and will do anything for her including killing and slaughtering on her orders. The Lion who leads a band of wild beasts to attack surrounding villages, drinking their fear to make himself stronger.

Amy also sees the affect Dorothy has on people, with all the maids with permanent smiles on their faces telling each other how wonderful life is in Oz. All in hopes they won't be sent to the Scarecrow's labs, or get partially eaten by the Lion to become one of the Tin Soldiers. How behind every smile and kind word everyone is filled with dread.