The Followers Are Called Christians

About Christians

Christians believe that the Sabbath is a day of rest on Sunday because when god maid the world, he took a rest on Sunday. They believe in prayer, which is talking to god. Also they believe they believe in the trinity, the father, son, and holy spirit. There are sacraments are baptism and the holy communion. baptism is what marks Christian's entrance into the church, they ether dip you in water or poor water on your head and say you are clean of in . Holy communion is sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus's last supper. A Christian place of worship is called a church. The worship leaders in the church are called ministers, priests, pastors, (ect...). The holy book is called the holy bible. The holy bible has the old testament=Hebrew bible, new testament=gospel. The Christian holidays are Christmas and Easter. Christmas is the celebration of Jesus's birth, and Easter is when Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again after three days. For Christians, a common holy sight is Bethlehem, because Jesus was born there.

All Three Religions

A common figure for all three religions is Abraham, he created all three religions. A view of God that is common in all religions is monotheism.