Project Based Learning (PBL)

ACT on Integration through Project Based Learning

What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning: Explained.

What is the PD all about?

A combined focus on studying the Project Based Learning Model using our common text and in turn applying that knowledge to create and implement your very own PBL event in the Fall of 2015!

"Project Based Learning is one of the most effective ways to engage students in their learning content...using authentic, real-world projects, based on an engaging question, task, or problem to teach student content while working cooperatively to solve a problem" - William Bender

Who should join?

- Anyone interested in bringing the community into the classroom to engage students in content and become active participants of their own learning.

- Anyone interested in building a PLC (personal learning community) around project based learning and teaching.

Where? When? How?

Where: Central Campus
Facilitated by Mike Lutz, Jill Meadows, & Sarah Barabe

When: 15 total hours spread through April into mid October - see PD Tracker for specific class dates; all classes are 7 A.M. - 8 A.M.

How: A Blended learning format with both sessions online and face to face

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Common Text

Book will be provided