Ben Carson

By:Jennifer Enriquez

When Ben Carson was born.

He was born on September 18, 1951. Benjamin Salmon "Ben" Carson, Sr., is a columnist and retired American Neurosurgeon.

What Ben Carson is famous for.

Ben Carson is famous for separation of conjoined twins joined at the head. Ben Carson's mom survived breast cancer which is important to know.

Full name.

  • His full name is Benjamin Salmon Carson. He uses Ben Carson as a short name. Also I think he wanted to be called Ben Carson for short.

Ben Carson has 3 children

  • Some of his children are Rho Eye Carson, B.J "Ben Jr." Carson, and Murray Carson.
Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Obama Present
WOLF BLITZER fails to character assassinate BEN CARSON.

More deatails

5 Words to know.

5 Words to describe him is smart, kind, gifted-hands, inspirational, and work-ethic.