Human immunodificiency virus

Type of pathogen

HIV is a member of retrovirade family, genus letivirus.
HIV acquired immune deficiency syndrome aids was prevously known as lymphadenopathy.

Definition and causes of disorder

By not using protection
using same needle
breast milk


there could be no symptoms
unexplained weight loss or tiredness
flu like feelings that dont go away.

what part of the body is affected

HIV attacks and kills crucial immune system cells, known a T-helper cells.

Treatment and reasearch outlook

rilpivirine, emtricitable, and tenofouir alafenamide


medicine can control it
The HIV drug Truvada however has been approved for use in those at a high risk away to prevent HIV infection.


condoms and abstanence

How common is it

Every 9 1/2 someone in the U.S is infected with HIV. it is estimated that there are over 56,000 new cases of HIV in the U.S each year.