Weekly Update

Week of 4/4

Winter or Spring??? I think mother nature is a bit confused!

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Classroom Overview

Math-We are currently working on the unit on Fractions & Mixed Numbers. Students will continue to practice the skills that are being reinforced and will have a quiz at the end of the week.

History- We are still working on The Cold War Unit. As of Tuesday, we will have finished our studies on, The Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan, and NATO. Students have developed their knowledge of these content areas with supplementary activities and lessons.

English: This week we will be working on various writing prompts and Socratic discussion groups on the novel, "Night." Students will be playing a review game tomorrow and will to study before taking the final book test that will be given on Tuesday, April 5th.

Academic Literacy: We will be critiquing summaries this week and will learn more about proper summary writing where students will be developing another summary on a new story.

Science: We are still working on the Ecology unit. Students have completed the introductions and have just finished learning about food chains. We are continuing with this topic with an activity for the remainder of the week and will begin new lessons on symbiosis.

Transition Event (Field Trip) on April 15th

For students attending this field trip only**Please remember to bring in your SIGNED permission slip for the transition event on April 15th. We will leave during first period and will return to school by last period.
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Classroom Quote of the Week

School Reminders:

Important Dates / Information

*WWHS Students in the RI Home Show! - 3/31 through 4/2 @ the RI Convention Center (links below)
Time Lapse Video! http://ribahomeshow.com/ https://twitter.com/RIBAHomeShow

*Last Day of the Third Quarter - Friday, April 1st

*Third Quarter Report Cards - Friday, April 8th (distributed in Advisory Class)

*Senior Events Document - Senior Events & Info

*School Hours - 7:30am - 1:45pm - Call Attendance Line before 8:30am if late or absent (825-6540)

Continue to bring your charged chromebooks to school everyday!

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