ELD Mid-Week Update

Title III/ELD Listserv - December 2, 2015

Important Update 12/03

Good morning!

We have received reports of multiple automated emails regarding FELL monitoring being sent to teachers through the automated ELLevation notification system. These have been sent multiple times in error.

I have just received confirmation from ELLevation that the automated notification system has been suspended per my request until the other tech issues are resolved. There should be no additional multiple emails today.

The ELD team will be working with both ELLevation and our district IT team to resolve the tech issues. We will also extend the due date for the monitoring forms. More information will be made available soon.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your ELD Coordinator.

Again, I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience caused.


FELL Monitoring Update

As many of you know, FELL monitoring forms went out today through ELLevation’s InClass platform. We have found a few unexpected errors that ELLevation’s technology team has been alerted to and is working to resolve. There are two main areas of concern that may affect your teachers.

1) Some teachers are showing multiple forms for one student. For example, John Doe is taking Ms. Cagle’s Algebra I class. Ms. Cagle received two or more forms on John Doe. Please let the teachers know they only need to fill out one form per course the student is enrolled in. In the example, Ms. Cagle should only complete one form for Algebra I.

2) It appears that teachers who have never registered for InClass before can create their own password from the FELL monitoring email. If you are working with a teacher who has received an email for FELL monitoring, it doesn’t seem you can use the original process to register teachers for InClass. They will create their own password from the email link and then login to InClass. Teachers who have not received the email will follow the original process to register for InClass.

These are the two primary issues we have seen to date. Please contact your ELD Coordinator with other errors you find or any questions you have.

To assist you further, below is a sample email which you can forward to your colleagues about the multiple forms per student. Please ask your principal for approval prior to sending out information to the entire staff.

We appreciate your hard work and positive attitudes regarding ELLevation and the new InClass platform.

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FELL Monitoring Sample Email

Below is sample text you can use to email your colleagues regarding FELL monitoring. Feel free to edit as you see fit. Please use your email signature and get principal approval prior to sending out information to the entire staff.

Dear Colleagues,

Many of you have received an email from ELLevation InClass. ELLevation InClass is the online platform that is used to provide teachers with real-time data regarding English Language Learners (ELLs) and Fomer English Language Learners (FELLs). On December 2, ELLevation sent out an email to all teachers who have a FELL in one (or more) classes. We have found that multiple forms were assigned to one student. Please be aware that you only need to fill out one form per class the student is enrolled in. If you only see the student for one class, you only need to complete one form. If, however, you have the student for multiple classes, you should complete one form per class the student is enrolled in.

Please let me know if you have additional questions or are unsure how to complete FELL monitoring. Your input helps me know how our students are continuing to grow in language proficiency.

Thank you for your continued support.


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