BYOS Project

Magnet School of Math and Science (MSMS)

Our School Mascot and Colors

Our school mascot is the unicorn, an animal that symbolizes purity and childhood. We consider this important because our students will be young, pure, and ready to learn.

The school colors are blue and red. The color blue represents intelligence, wisdom, and confidence while red represents passion, determination, and strength.

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

To educate students for the technological future ahead of them.

Vision Statement

Our school will strive to help students excel and overachieve while enjoying their experience in their learning environments.

Our Main Focus

Math and Science (STEM) will be the main focuses of our school, but we also require students to take some classes in the fields of Language Arts and Social Studies.

We are a magnet school, a school more focused on certain subjects, math and science for our school, with adequate funding from our sponsors

How our school days are organized

Our year will be organized in a 4-block schedule, with 8 classes every year. This will aid the students in keeping up with schoolwork for less classes at a time.

How do I enroll into this school?

The students who would like to enroll to this school for high school must register and take an exam to qualify for the school. Those who take the exam after all the spots are filled will not be able to enroll


MSMS will be located in the city of Atlanta, GA. It will be located in the city, where diverse cultures and backgrounds exist. This way, the students attending MSMS will be exposed to a larger scope of the world.

Extracurricular Clubs/Activities


Uniforms will be required to attend the school. You may purchase uniforms at our school website or at the front office.