Tech Tidbits from You ITS {2016-2017 v.8}

I'm Here To Help!

Do you have some great instructional ideas that you want to kick up a notch? Let me help! Let's get together for collaboration, or even one-on-one discussions about how we can leverage technology to make the lessons in your classroom engaging and personalized to your students. I am always up for modeling, co-teaching, or whatever you need to support your instructional needs. Catch me in the hall, email me, or sign up for a time on my calendar.

How are you using technology?

As we get more and more technology into the building we are always looking for new and innovative ways to integrate that technology. We need to remember not to use technology for the sake of using technology but use technology to enhance or transform our classroom into something it might not be without technology. When you begin planning a project keep the SAMR model in mind.

SAMR stands for:

Substitution: Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, no functional change is made

Augmentation: Technology works as a direct tool substitute with functional improvement.

Modification: Technology allows significant task redesign.

Redefinition: Technology allows for the creation of new tasks previous inconceivable,

As we continue moving forward with our Technology goals this year, we need to keep our eye on the Redefinition phase. That is the place our task would not be able to reach if it weren't for technology. At a minimum, let's strive to move beyond Substitution as often as possible. If you need help, we can look at a task together and see how we may be able to augment, modify, or redefine it.

The Hour of Code is Coming!

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching over 100 million students in more than 180 countries. The 2016 Hour of Code will be December 5-11. Help us give every student the opportunity to learn computer science! The students love the Minecraft and Star Wars themes on the CODE app available on Clever, but I know we're limited on the technology in the building, so start planning now whether you will do a traditional Hour of Code lesson, or one that is "unplugged." (Yes, you can do the Hour of Code without any computers at all! Ask me how!)

Jamie M. Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu Elementary

Windsor Woods Elementary

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