UNION =victory!

by Michael Worrell

What caused the war?

At first the war started because the Confederate wanted state rights but then it became more of the Union wanted to end slavery.The Confederate needed slaves to work the plantations but the Union did not need slaves for two reasons, the first reason is if the people did have farms they were too small to need slaves.The second reason was the Union had more industries where people were hired not enslaved and forced to work.
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The Union states included Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, California, Nevada, and Oregon.

3 leaders of the union.

Well first and foremost the main leader was Ulysses S. Grant.He was a very well known strong leader of the Union army who led them through the hardships of war.Another leader was George McClellan, he was best known as his nicknames "Young Napoleon"

and "Little Mac".He won the battles of "Philippi" and "Rich Mountain".The third leader

I was interested in was George Custer, he had a major role at Appomattox and was

there when Robert E. Lee surrendered.Another interesting fact about George is he

died at age 37 in the battle of Little Bighorn.

2 major battles of the civil war

The first MAJOR battle of the Civil War was Battle of Bull Run. The leaders were General P.G.T. Beauregard,General Joseph E. Johnston (Confederate) and General Irvin McDowell (Union). The south winning effected the war by making the north doubt themselves and getting the south in good spirits thinking they will win the war. The first skirmish (small battle) was Philippi. This particular skirmish only lasted 20 minutes.In this skirmish no one died but on each side 10 or less were injured. Although it did not effect the war very much the union did win.

How Fredericksberg effected the war

In this war the union engaged 106,000 troops and lost 12,700 troops. The south engaged 72,500 troops and lost 5,300.This battle had more troops in it then any other battles. This battle gave the south hope in thinking they will win the war cause they won the battle.

How the north was effected the war

After the war had ended and the north had won they were very happy considering there was no more slaves and less state rights but they were also very sad because they had lost a lot of men and family members.