Broadcast News Analysts

By: Megan Maynes

Job Description

This profession contains analyzing, interpreting, and broadcasting news received from various sources.

Education and Training

-Highschool diploma

-Bachelors Degree

-A lot of them have law degrees

Preparation in the Highschool:

HMHS hosts a number of courses to help prepare one to be a news analyst. Examples are CP 21st century world, Accelerated Global Issues, CP economics, CP Constitutional Law, Public Speaking, and "Intro to Journalism"

Related College Majors

Journalism, Political Science, Communications

Average Salary in NJ:


5 Important Skills:


-actively listening

-critical thinking

-reading comprehension

-social perceptiveness

Important Abilities:

-speech clarity

-oral comprehension

-written expression

It is predicted that the employment for reporters and correspondents will decline 13-14%, but broadcast news analysts will have little to no change. This is because of a decline in TV advertising available to news stations (most of revenue) which will force them to downsize since some of the news is now online.


-analyze and interpret news from various sources.

-write columns, commentaries, or scripts

-examine local, national, and global topics

-edit news material

-present news stories and introduce new video segments or live transmissions from on-the-scene reporters.