January 6, 2014- January 17, 2014

Old Town Star Staff News

RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy

Our Next Week...

Winter Break! 12/23 – 1/3/14

Dec 24th Happy Birthday Kasey Baize!

Dec 27th Happy Birthday Tracie Johnson!

Jan 5th Happy Birthday Angela Schaack!

Monday, January 6

2nd semester begins

Teacher Prep Day, EB Presentation Rule #7 @ 9:00am in Library

PTA “Welcome Back Staff Breakfast”

Copy Code Rollover

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Clawson!

Tuesday, January 7

Minor’s Coaching Day

MOY BAS/SEL/EDL testing window opens

Universal Screenings

Wednesday, January 8

Mya’s Coaching Day

Universal Screenings

Popcorn Day

SLT Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, January 9

Mya’s off campus PM (PTA Council Luncheon)

Universal Screenings

ARD Mtgs (separate schedule)

Friday, January 10

Leslie Long off campus (ITS mtg)

SST Mtgs. 3rd – 5th

CAT Mtg 8:50am

Universal Screenings

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"~ Mark Twain

Weekly Reminders...

  • Please set aside time clean out your Google Mail inboxes! We want to be sure you are kept up-to-date on any reminders, deadlines, updates etc...that may come through!
  • Remember to post an affirmation or two for your colleagues in the staff lounge!
  • Join the Old Town google+ community here--->http://goo.gl/gqVE4H
  • Be a part of Old Town's Emergency Tree by texting @oldtow to 972.382.9004
  • Check our Professional Learning and Events Calendar regularly as revisions/additions are made often...http://goo.gl/u8peV

Be better than you were yesterday. Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus

Instructional Tech News

It's a search engine for SMART lessons!! Designed to help you find lessons for using the SMART slate... http://tinyurl.com/lkfydyd

Out & About...

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself~John Dewey

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Mrs. Julie Hooper, star 3rd Grade Teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week receiving the most nominations! You are entitled to a week long jeans pass and designated parking!

Her colleagues write:

  • Her presence here at OTE has been missed. She adds so much life to our school. So glad she is back!
  • She always has encouraging things to say.
  • She has come back with a great set of mind. She is ready to work and care for her students. She gives so much of herself to her students.
  • cause she is such a trooper and came back to school being her encouraging self to others.
  • After such a hard time being gone, she came back and jumped right into things taking care of everything that she needed to with a smile on her face!

Warmest appreciations again to each of you who came out to join us for our "mystery movie" at Flix Brewhouse and a GINORMOUS THANKS to the Social Committee for planning the event! High Fives all around to Mr. Baker and team for all of your work on this year's Spelling Bee and to Angela Schaack for always coordinating our Star Texan Assemblies!

Remember to post an affirmation or two for your colleagues in the staff lounge!

Eye on the Gifted...

Classroom discussions are a great way to utilize student knowledge to develop listening/speaking skills and learn from one another. Take a look at this great article discussing ways to make classroom discussion more exciting! http://www.edutopia.org/blog/make-class-discussions-more-exciting-richard-curwin

Professional Resource of the Week! Check out your copy today!

The Week After...

Sunday, January 12

Happy Birthday Jean Barrett!

Monday, January 13

Mya’s Coaching Day

ARD Mtgs (separate schedule)

Tuesday, January 14

Minor’s Coaching Day

Report Cards Go Home Today

Ebook Literacy Night @ 7pm

Wednesday, January 15

Mya’s Coaching Day

Art student’s field trip to Blanton Art Museum 9:00am

Minor’s off campus (Lead4ward training)

1st grade ½ day team planning AM

Kg ½ day team planning PM

Special Committee Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, January 16

ARD Mtgs (separate schedule)

Friday, January 17

Kg – 2nd grade SST’s

CAT Mtg 8:50am

Saturday, January 18

Happy Birthday Lauren Glover!

Old Town Elementary Mission & Vision...

To highly engage learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." -JFK