Cyber Safety

By Alexander Roberts

App Viruses

We all play games these days on your phone or iPod or something, but do you ever play these games that always have ad pop-ups? Most people Click the ad and buy the game, but who knows how many viruses they have. Some games just have you download the game so they can collect all your personal information.

Protect Yourself

Everyone these days has social media. But when you are on any kind of social media you are at risk. Some people want to collect your information to hack you or try and kidnap you or something like that. So one of the things you can do is make your profile private or let only the people who are friends with you see it so no one steels your information.

Cyber Bulling

Another one of the bad things in today's tech is cyber bulling. But one of the ways to prevent that is to block them. Another way to stop the cyber bulling is to simply tell someone about it.

Who are you talking to

Have you ever found and online gaming friend, or a friend you just met on on social media?

Well those People aren't always who they say they are. they could be someone who wants to find you, or hunt you down. But one of the ways you can protect yourself is to never give out your own personal information, or where you live.

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