The Juliano Journal

Week of December 7-11

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a great week. We have been busy getting things done before Winter Break!

This week the students completed the winter MAP tests. I am so proud of the students for putting forth their best effort on both of these tests. These tests involve some challenging questions and all of the students worked so hard to show what they know!

I can't believe there is just one more week until Winter Break. This year is just flying by! I am looking forward to seeing the students really get into the holiday spirit next week. :) Have a great weekend!

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News


This week we discussed the term point of view. The students learned how people have different points of views about topics depending on their attitudes, beliefs, and experiences. We then read a book called Voices in the Park which is a story about a day at the park told by four different voices. The students then worked with a partner to dive deeper into the book and answer questions about each character's point of view of his/her day at the park. The students really loved this book! Ask them which character he/she most liked to read about!

We also discussed opinion writing this week. Students learned that an opinion piece needs to include their opinion on a topic and reasons to support their opinion. Students practiced writing an opinion piece by describing two gifts that they should receive for the holidays this year, and explaining why they should receive the gifts. I loved reading about all of the gifts the students want to receive, and I must say, your children give some very convincing reasons!


Our focus the past two weeks has been on multiplication. The students learned about multiplication and division fact families, and practiced writing the equations that match the families. We then discussed arrays and students wrote multiplication number models to represent the arrays. Finally, the students practiced their math facts by playing a game called "Baseball Multiplication." This fun game follows similar rules of baseball but incorporates multiplication. The students really loved this game!

We concluded Unit 4 with an assessment today. Next week we will begin Unit 5: Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals. This unit has three main areas of focus:

  • to extend previous lessons on the base-ten place-value system to whole numbers through millions and to decimals through thousandths.
  • to apply these concepts to reading, writing, comparing, and ordering whole numbers and decimals.
  • to use whole numbers and decimals in real-life contexts.

Social Studies

In this chapter the students read about three places in the United States- Roseburg, Oregon, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Gloucester, Massachusetts. Students took notes on the physical geography, natural resources, and climate of each place. Using the information the students learned about each place, they created a travel brochure informing readers of the place, and convincing them to come visit. The brochures are coming out great! We will continue working on these next week.

Important Dates

December 15th: WPO "Which Wich" Fundraiser

December 18th:
Holiday Party- 2:30

December 18th-January 3rd: Winter Break