Weekly Log

November 2nd, & the 5th-8th

Friday November 2nd

On friday Mrs.Barber gave us this warm up that made absolutly no sense!  We all were very frustrated and some felt they wanted to give up.  Mrs. Barber did this to show us how children with learning disabilities feel.  She then assigned us a book called, "The Acorn People."  I was kind of excited to read a book, especially because it was so small.  She also assigned a double journal entry for us to do as we read chapter by chapter.  After that she made us pick five cardsa randomly and told us that was the life we were delt and tat we had to think about it and then write a refelction on how that made us feel.  I was unsure how i was going to make myself feel like that.

Monday November 5th

On Monday Brianni presented her weekly log and i made sure to pay close attention so I would know how to do mine.  She did a very good job!  Steadman presented his his project.  He had a music motif and shared with us how he grew up tied in with his musical career.  I thought his project was very crafty and very cute!  Mrs. Barber also gave us a brain based sheet that was yellow with circles, and gave us red pens to use.  She said the brain likes these colors together and also likes circles.  She told us to put down everything we knew and where we knew it from which was kind of overwelming because it put us on the spot to see what we really knew.

Tuesday November 6th


Wednesday November 7th

Wednesday we started pur reflective letters to our best friend about how our conditions made us feel.  We also talked about the book and turned in our double reflection journals.  The book made a lot of us very sad and I did cry.  We used the clock on the back of our brain based sheet to pick partners which i thought was a really cool idea! With our partners we shared our favorite quotes and why which was sweet because we got to see how other people reacted to things, and how we may have reacted the same or different and then we could talk about why.  Then we went back to our brain maps and talked more about what the brain likes and added anything new that we had learned and that was very interesting because i had never really thought much about things like that effecting the way I think.

Thursday November 8th

Today we finished and turned in our bff letters after a little peer editing.  I had to share my feelings about how the life I was dealt had effected me which once i got started was okay but at first I had a hard time putting my self into that perspective.  It was hard to think about that people really do have to go through this in their everyday lives and they can not change it.  I think this gave me a lot more respect fpr people having to deal with these things everyday!  Mrs. Baber also gave us candy with was sweet! And we also came up with a surprise ;) shhhh

Amber Carruthers