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Employee Newsletter

Kinder Prep Program

Our kinder prep program provides a learning environment for ages 5-6. This is an important program because it provides the foundation for children's' education. In this program, we are teaching the following-



~Numbers 10-20

~Addition and subtraction (when ready)

Our job is to make our students are comfortable in their new learning environment. To do this, teachers will move at a pace that best suites the child. Thanks to you, we have successfully prepared many children in need of academic readiness. Great work!

Additional Reminders:

  • material taught to the students needs to be personal to their needs
  • no homework is assigned; all work is always covered during the session

Job Fair

Thursday, March 3rd, 11am-2pm

Houston, Texas

Athena Learning will be taking part in the Job Fair event to appeal to future employees. If you know anyone who is searching for a job, don't hesitate to invite them to this free event! If you are a present employee for Athena Learning, staff is being asked for to hand out flyers during the fair. Please contact us using the contact info below if you are interested in volunteering. Thanks!



Dear Employees,

At Athena Learning, our primary focus is to prep students and help them achieve success.

With your help, our SAT exam prep ensures students get the help they need to earn high SAT scores. This year our SAT has been designed to fit all subject material students will need for preparation. All of the same subjects will be covered like last year's SAT, but the questions will be different.

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Attention all employees in the Houston area...

Athena Learning will be holding an iPad drawing for employees as a thank you for your service and dedication to our company. All you have to do is sign up. The winner will be announced on Friday, March 11!

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What Parents Think...

"I love Athena Learning! My child is enthusiastic to attend each session, and their math and writing skills have improved. This is by far the nicest tutoring service I have ever been apart of. The staff and tutors are top-notch. My son never has complaints about having homework either, which is a relief. The facility is nice and provides a welcoming environment for him. I recommend it to everyone!"

What Employee's think...

"Ever since I've left Kumon, my life has been better. Athena Learning has a warm, inviting atmosphere I have never experienced with any other job. The staff and my fellow tutors are amazing as well as knowledgeable. I enjoy every second of their company, as well as the student I instruct. I love teaching here!"


Meet Employee of the month, Annabeth Jackson

About Annabeth: "I have been a proud employee for Athena Learning since its first appearance in Katy! I love working as a tutor! Also, I am married and have a cute labradoodle named Sandy."

Favorite hobby: "I have to say teaching students is my favorite hobby. I also enjoy arts and crafts and sports. My absolute favorite sport is soccer, and Manchester United is my favorite team."

Favorite thing about Athena learning: "My favorite part is working with a bunch of fabulous people. And of coarse the students!"

Recommendations to maintain a friendly workplace

  • Have fun with the kids! We want them to enjoy learning.
  • Incorparate games and activities into their education
  • Always move at their pace; our job is to make sure they understand thier lessons!

Created by Ashley Bencivengo, Emily Bruhnke, Danyle Courtley