Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 21-25

Strategy Spotlight

How have you been able to incorporate the "I do," "We do," "You do" strategy so far this year? I hate to call this a "strategy" because ideally this is just HOW we teach - always starting by modeling something new to our students using an "I do" and then doing several (or lots!) of "we do's" together as you slowly begin to relinquish control to the students to do more and more on their own. Then eventually the students will be able to complete the task on their own - "You do."

Just remember that it's easy to scaffold this strategy in your classroom. Maybe you've done several "we do" summary writings using the Write Tools graphic organizer/process and you think the majority of your class is ready to try it on their own ("you do") - go for it! Those students that you know aren't ready to do it independently pull back to your table and continue doing "we do's" with them until each one gains enough confidence, practice, skill set, etc. to try it on their own!

Next Week Strategy Spotlight=More with "I do," "We do," "You do"

Last Week

  • Monday - Professional Development
  • Tuesday - I was home with a sick kid
  • Walpole kit assembly - I have now finished and put together 10 kits!
  • I did 7 drop in observations in classrooms - this will help me get a "bigger picture" view of each grade and what math and literacy blocks look like at each grade level
  • Team meetings
  • Modeled some summary lessons
  • Helped find and get conference materials and resources ready for some teachers and teams
  • Finished a book I put together for a teacher who wanted a way to track every student's progress toward all standards in an easy to use tracking device
  • Went over "Day 1-30" survey results in our weekly IC meeting.

This Week:

  • Get some grade levels set up and going on Progress Monitoring and Interventions on the TIER site
  • Go over some videos and/or model some Walpole lessons for those teachers ready to begin implementing Walpole during small group reading and/or intervention time
  • Walpole kit assembly
  • Continue with more drop in classroom observations
  • Help assist with our first week of Literacy Meetings
  • Attend a two day training for C4K Phase 1 Partner school teams on Tues. & Wed.

(Day 1 will focus on digging deeper in Universal Tier and Day two will focus on targeted and intense interventions)

Don't Forget!

  • Dreambox - How are you doing one week into the "time goal" you set on Monday? If you need help getting Dreambox going in your classroom let me or Drew know! I'd love to come in and try out stations or math groups in your classroom - sometimes all it takes is an extra set of hands for a couple of days to figure out how to make a new way of teaching work!
  • Weekly Meetings - all grade levels will continue to have their regular weekly team meetings on the same days/times you normally have them. This week we will start some weekly Literacy Meetings. Initially they will likely be every week, but eventually they may go to bi-weekly. This week's meeting will be during each grade level's specials time on FRIDAY. We are trying to get these weekly Literacy meetings to happen on the same day each week but it may often depend on Jessica Quandahl's schedule. You will always get a calendar invite and we hope to get several week's of Literacy Meetings scheduled so everyone can plan ahead!

** Please enter your students names into the 4 quadrant chart on the google doc that Jon shared with you last week BEFORE Friday's meeting :)

Did You Know

  • I will be sharing the "Day 1-30" survey results with all staff in the next week or two
  • Social Thinking "IFY" books can now be checked out in our Intermediate library - check with Sandy or Annette if you can't find them.

Happy Homecoming Week - Go CPU!