The Forgotten Nutrient

Regulates Body Temperature

Normal Body temperature is to your regular body temp. Blood and perspiration are the body fluids responsible for this task. the heat of high body temp can denature enzymes, which are proteins.

Cellular Fluid Balance

Cells are like balloons they maintain like shapes. If to much much water flowed into a cell, it could burst. If the cell did not contain enough water, it would collapse.

Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Most people buy more bottled than drink Tap water. They think bottled water tastes better than local water supplies. Bottled water isn't exactly healthy than tap water, Tap water is more healthy and safe. They try to sell Bottle water, but Tap water is just safer.

Can you Drink too Much Water?

Yes you can. The rare condition is called Water Intoxication. People who regularly drink excessive amounts of water usually do so because of Pshycological disorder.