Clean Water

Group 9 The Headless Chickens

Waco's Dirty Water

In the Waco area water has a lot of pollution such as; dirt, trash, manure, and waste. Storm water get dirty and runs down hill to the drains then ends up in the lake. We need to keep our water clean by not putting trash in it.


Drinking dirty water can increase the risk of cancer. The oil and trash can harm the animals and the plants that live around the area and water. An estimated 502,000 people die every year from unpreventable cases of diarrhea caused by drinking dirty water.

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Concluding Thoughts

Before we came to this camp we didn't realize how important it is to have clean water. It's important to inform people upstream to dispose of animal waste properly. If this was done, then Waco would not have to spend as much money on their filtering system. Also we should inform residents upstream about using harmful chemicals such as fertilizers because it can travel to our water source. Lastly we should not only inform our neighboring communities but our own about littering because that could also reach our water source.
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