Bearcat Weekly

Jan 16 - 20, 2017

Bearcat Praises

Thanks to everyone for making this a great week at PPIS!

We had an exciting week and I want to thank Mrs. Lovick for helping organize the NED show assembly Monday! I thought it was a cool presentation and the kids really enjoyed it. I have a feeling we could start our own Yo-Yo team with all the ones we've sold and how many kids I see practicing with them :)

Thanks again to everyone who helped fill in and cover classes Monday. Ms. Galen had to work her magic again and everything turned out to be ok despite my panic!

Thanks to everyone who has responded and have been sending in those shoutouts to the kids. I love seeing and hearing all the great things our kids are doing and have no doubt it means the world to those kids hearing it from you.

Thanks to our two AWESOME watchdog dads this week. Mr. Strayhorn and Mr. Cooper! Just their presence alone makes a huge impact on our kids and I can't thank them enough for all they do.

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Mrs. McDonald showing off her crown!

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Congrats to Jorge, Jake and Kaylen on being named to the Superintendent's honor roll! Joseph Stroud was our 3rd grade representative but could not attend the school board meeting

T-Tess Meetings

Teachers, we are starting our next round of T-Tess observations. After having done the first few, I can tell you that it is almost a night and day difference from PDAS. Please just remember that this is about growing and improving as an educator. I do see the benefits from it but like any change it will take time for everyone to get used to. Also, the process takes about a week to go through so just know that going into it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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Don't forget to join our Google class to participate in the campus book study. If you have questions please see me. Our first assignment will be due next week :)

Upcoming Events

Jan 16 - Martin Luther King Holiday - No School

Jan 18 - Vertical Alignment Meeting after school at PPIS

Jan 24 - Escaping the Square team building in Denton - See Ms. Nisbett for details

Jan 25 - All Staff Meeting - Discuss Benchmark procedures

Jan 27 - Cookie Dough Fundraiser Kick Off

Jan 31 - 4th Writing and 5th Math Benchmark

Feb 1 - 5th Grade Reading Benchmark

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If your grade level team would like their own SMORE account to spice up your grade level newsletters please let me know. It's super easy to use and doesn't take anytime to update. Please each person could edit the flyer for their team/content. They would also be linked to your team page on the school website. Just let me know!
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Remember Martin Luther King Jr. next week

Please spend some time next week in social studies teaching our students about Martin Luther King Jr. and what all he did for our country. There are so many great things we can expose our students to through him and his message.

Hope everyone has a safe and restful weekend!