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Rebellion Between the United States and Britain

Brief Description Of This Event

Britain was in-dept, so it forced colonists in The Thirteen Colonies to pay taxes. The colonists, however, didn't want to pay taxes, so they made a slogan "No taxation without representation". In 1775, the complaints transformed into a big fight. In 1776, the United States declared itself an independent country from Britain rule.

Why is this important?

This event is more significant that The Act Of Union, Hudson's Bay and Northwest Company's Merge and The Great Migration because this was the event that made us an independent country, and if this didn't happen, there would be no US, and Britain would still be ruling North America. The United States was made thanks to the colonists who didn't agree with Britain's ruling. Without them, Britain would still would be controlling North America and there would be no Canadians or Americans.


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