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What Does a Physician Do?

A Physician deals with a wide range of medical treatments, from, finding a possibly fatal heart disease, and doing their best to cure it before it becomes to serious, to, repairing a broken bone or even a sprained ankle.

the possibilities are endless!

One cool fact about this job!

The possibilities for this job are endless. There is so many ways to help people, whether it is serious or fatal. (Healthier people= Happier people)

Information about being a physician

  • Education Requirements: The common path as a physician requires 8 years of education beyond high school and 3-8 years of additional internship, residency.
  • Personality needed for this job: You have to be a very open minded, patient, possitive, friendly person to be a physician.
  • Annual salary: Most physicians make around 183,170 dollars a year!
  • Projected job growth and companies that hire physicians: There has been little to no change in job growth and companies such as metronic and veterans administration hire phisicians.