I'm Afraid of Losing it All

Miranda Peterson

When the fear began

My began when I realized everything I want is right were I am right now. I have a fear of losing my family, my home, and friends. I don't feel fear to much. So when I do I feel lost. But, I wouldn't let anything become between this home, family, and friends. Yet, I'm scared of losing it all. This family is where I call home. This home is my safety, warm, and filled with love. The friends are the ones who have my back and I have theirs.

How my fear takes place in my live

This fear plays a big part in my live. I know their's people that don't care how I feel. They want to take me away from my home. Why do I want to leave when I like were I am. This fear controls the way I dress, look, and acted. I know if I do something that the people don't want I will taken away from my family, my home, and my friends. I'll fight to stay were I belong. As a wise person once said don't be afraid to crossed the river of fear. Right, were I live right now is the place I call home. Just maybe I play the cards right we can go for the adoption.