The Planting Of Bird Houses

Created by: Victoria Adams, Nick Spiewak, and Charles Turner


Most birds around the area are struggling to find a tree to build a bird nest. Considering the amount of construction that is happening around The Plains many trees have been getting cut down, this is called deforestation. A bird nest even isn’t a great way to have a bird living in, a bird nest can easily fall apart during just one rainstorm.


Our solution to fix this was to raise money and put bird houses up around campus. If you remember, we had bake sales at lunch where we sold a variety of foods. We then took that $170 to buy 11 bird houses. If you look around campus you may see one!

Our Story

The Process of our story had many obstacles. Our project started off by picking our topic. We struggled for many weeks on picking our topic, at first we were deciding between plant conservation and animal conservation. After many weeks of Innovation we decided to chose animal conservation. After a while we thinned down to bird conservation and took off from their. We started to make the plan. We had plans to have a bake sale and then take the money from the bake sale to buy bird houses and place them around campus. When we were finally ready for the bake sale we found out that the dates we wanted to use where all taken, for four weeks we were held off. This was also difficult because of all the snow days and holidays. When our group had our bake sale we raised around $170. After this our main problem was deciding what birdhouse model to get, how many bird houses we were going to buy, and what our group was going to do for the rest of the money. Every class we would try to find a model, and at the end of every class we would find one, but we lost every single model we found until it came too close to the date and decided on our model. The model that we choose was generally focused on the wren birds, wren birds are the main birds that live in the area of The Plains.

Hurdles we had to jump

On this project we learned that the hardest part isn't doing meeting the goal; it's really working together. We all had different ideas and everyone though there's were the best. We had a lot of arguments, but luckily we had an amazing teacher to help us through that. We also had to jump over other people. We had to untangle our selves from other people's groups. As we said in our story, we had to move so many dates because other groups had needed for their raising money. At least we had a good helper. Thank you Mr. Post.


We will take questions now!