Katherine and Ellie

Best Friends

What makes a best friend?

In order to know if your friend is a true friend, you have to put them to the test. The steps are as follows:

  • don't bring a snack one day and ask them if you can split theirs if they have one
  • ask them a question you already know to see what their answer is (Ex: I ask them "are you in pace band?" when I know they are not)
  • Have a group of friends over to play, and have them all pick a game. Act like you don't like the game that has been chosen and see what your friends do. Do they change it to the game they all agree on, or do they say to deal with it?
  • Tell them a secret of who you have a crush on that is not true. Then have another friend ask the friend you told who you "like". then see if your friend can keep a secret
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