Chocolate 🍫🍬

All the info you need about this tasty treat! by: Mavneet

Chocolate health benefits:

Many people believe that chocolate is bad for your health that may be true but chocolate is actually quite good for you. Here are the health benefits chocolate can give to your body. Chocolate can help you have whiter teeth and it can decrease the risk of a heart attack from dying of heart problems. Chocolate may improve skin and it relieves fatigue.

Con's about chocolate


Unfortunately, there are forced chocolate labourers. Forced chocolate labourers are kids who are forced into making chocolate and they aren't even allowed to taste any. Also, forced chocolate labourers don't get payed they are forced into working. Chocolate can also cause tooth decay and mood swings, chocolate contains lots of calories and the amount of money you have to pay.

Where chocolate began

Chocolate began in Mexico and it was used as early as 1900 BC. Chocolate was originally called Cacahuatl. Chocolate is a very old treat to eat. It all begins with a tree, a cacao tree to be exact. This tree grows Cacao seeds/pods. Here are all the types of chocolate: unsweetened, bittersweet, semisweet, sweet, milk, and white chocolate. Dark chocolate contains more cacao beans and less sugar. Dark chocolate contains 0% cholesterol. Cote d'voire is the largest producer of cacao providing 40% of the world's supply. The amount of time a cacao tree takes to grow it's first fruit is 3 years. chocolate does contains nutrients. here is a list of the most popular chocolates of 2015 ( least to most) 10. toberlone 9. lindt & sprÜngli 8. Ghirardelli 7. Ferrero rocher 6. Patchi 5. Guylian 4. Mars 3. Cadbury 2. Kit Kat 1. galaxy (owned by the team of Mars)

More information

Chocolate comes in solid and liquid forms. Around 70% of the world's chocolate is grown in Africa. A cacao pod is shaped like a football. Aztec rulers drank 10 cups of hot chocolate each day at least the hot chocolate didn't contain sugar and it was drank cold. Unfortunately during the Aztec reign a slave could be bought for 100 cacao beans. When chocolate first made it to Spain people thought it aided your health perhaps like a medicine and doctors started to recommend it.

Fun facts

1. Pure chocolate doesn't cause acne

2. American's consume 50% of the world's chocolate

3. Cacao is pronounced ca-cow

4. Chocolate contains nutrients

5. In 1991, a model ship was made out of chocolate in Barcelona!

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