Makendraleny Jones'

Naps be Gone

Dear, Makenrdaleny Jones',

My name is Michelle and I have EMBARRASSINGLY dry skin and acne. I've tried everything and from home solutions,to expensive lotions and creams to even asking a dermitologist but still no results! To make things worse my wedding in a month. Please help!

Dear Michelle,

There a few simple solutions to your problem. Firstly, you should stay away from fancy lotions. They may seem like they do you god, but really the do little to no good. Secondly, try a lotion that I use is called Bond. It does wonders but you have use it daily. I suggest using it 2 times a day, especially after a shower. As for for the acne problem, try something like ProActive. It sounds cliche but should do the trick. use the daily as well once a day. I hope these tips helped you,

Makendraleny Jones'