By: Alex Brown

Reaction time plays a big role in kickboxing. One must be quick with the hands and light on your feet. One wrong move could end you up in the hospital. Balance can make or break a kickboxing match. Being light on your feet and cautious will help you win. Without good balance, you will most likely lose. Hand/Eye coordination is one of the biggest rules in kickboxing. Never blink, and never stare your opponent dead in the eyes. Always keep your head straight on their chest. This will keep you aware of their whole body so when they make a move you see everything on their body that moves. As if you stare them in the eyes they move their head and that is all you see. Power doesn't play as big of a role as speed does. Once you find the happy medium of power and speed you can be lethal. Speed is a key component in kickboxing. Quick hands, and this way if you don't win by K/O you will win by points. Being quick is a huge rule in kickboxing. Agility is essential in kickboxing. Your using just about every part of your body in the ring so you much be agile.
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