How google search works

When you search google your not searching the whole web, your searching googles index of the web, there a things called spiders which go to sites and follow the links on those sights and so on. when you type in your search it looks through googles index and finds what your looking for by asking questions LOADS like does the key word appear in the title, is it spam and more and then there are still loads of options but google chooses by seeing the page rank which sees how many other websites point to that link and then it shows you your results. click the button below for a video on how google search works

Boolean search

it is a type of search which allows you to add things like AND OR NOT.

AND- this means it will show you a webpage with both of the keywords not just one of them.

OR- this means it will show one of the words like if you searched chicken OR meat it would show some webpages with the word chicken and some with the weird meat.

NOT- this means if you type hotels NOT Egypt it would come up with hotels that aren't in Egypt.

you can also use quotation marks in your search like "hotel California" which shows you webpages with those words together so you get the song not hotels in California.

Proxy and host trace

by using the website below you can find out where a website originated , you type in the link and it follows the ip addresses off all the hops until it gets to the place where the website is plotted. the difference between and host and proxy trace is that a host trace is faster because it finds the major ip addresses as it goes til the destination it originated but a proxy trace finds all the ip addresses as it goes through which takes longer. when i did it i tried you tube and i got this:

Host trace to www.youtube.com 9 hops / 1.7 seconds

click below to find out where the website you want is based.

Internet communications

the internet is a huge part of our lives, we use it everyday whether its for games or homework or texting we use it all the time and we communicate by the internet by using things like email, VoIP and whats app and the other thousands of apps to text with. the internet is a global network of computers and the world wide web can be accessed through websites, websites consist of webpages which allow you to see information and websites are accessed using a web browser, you can put downloads on these pages which allows people to download thing like videos, documents and then view them however there are some problems like on VoIP if you want to video chat someone you have to have a camera and microphone on your device which some people don't have and with emails they can contain viruses which you will receive when you open the email and you can only send or receive emails when you are connected to the internet.


algorithms are a set of instructions to solve a logic problem and one way you can do algorithms is by using pseudo code and you can also use a flowchart.

pseudo code

this is a programming language and is used to plan out programs and in this language there a lot of commands like:

OUTPUT: this means that an output will appear on screen

INPUT: this means a user will be inputting something

WHILE: a loop

FOR: a counting loop

REPEAT- UNTIL: a loop with a condition at the end

IF-THEN-ELSE: a decision, where you have to make a choice


a set of instructions in a step by step solution and we use shapes in certain places like start, end, decision.

bubble sort algorithm

bubble sort is a type of algorithm which has a set of numbers and puts them together by switching two at a time until all the numbers are in the right order, you can try this out for yourself by using cards, put out 13 cards of the same suit and shuffle them then put them on the table in a line and keep switching two until they are in order of lowest to highest