Molly Pitcher

The Valiant One

Research Introduction

How many pregnant women would have the courage to fire a cannon during a war? One such woman was Molly Pitcher. Everyone salutes the soldiers and generals who participated in the war, but not many know about the role that women played. Molly Pitcher played a crucial role in the American Revolution. Pitcher’s courageous acts are still looked at today in awe. Her actions have encouraged others to follow her. Molly Pitcher’s courage and grit helped our country learn the importance of women. All women can change this world for the greater good of all mankind.

Research Highlights

  • At the age of fifteen Molly's father sent her to Pennsylvania to work as a domestic servant.
  • There, she married a barber who enlisted in the American army.
  • She followed her husband to the battlefield and cooked and looked for food for the army.
  • During the Battle of Monmouth, Pitcher was carrying water to soldiers when she saw her husband fall.
  • Molly Pitcher immediately started loading the cannon to fire. She lost her left arm in the process.
  • After the battle ended, George Washington thanked her for her service.
  • About 10 years later, her husband died and shortly after that, she remarried.
  • She worked as a domestic servant for the rest of her life.
  • After she died, there was a statue built to honor her.
Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth