May I Bring a Friend?

Your best resource... your fellow school librarian!

The Alaska crew at AASL

November's National AASL conference was well attended by Alaskans, and it was a great opportunity to connect, collaborate, and re-charge!

I was inspired to share collaboration resources - here are a few to check out!

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The Alaska crew meets up for good burgers and great conversation!


"Being a school librarian can be a shockingly isolating profession, especially after having formed tight, supportive networks while you were a classroom teacher. As a school librarian you are in a sort of no man’s land. You aren’t part of the teacher peer group, you aren’t part of the administrative peer group. Often, you are the only person in your school that works in and understands what it takes to run an active, engaging, supportive library. Many school districts, unfortunately, often perpetuate this isolation by not allowing time for district librarians to meet and plan collaboratively which only exacerbates the isolation."

From Nikki Robertson's blog, The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian. Find it HERE.

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The solution to isolation? Find friends at school.

A fabulous infographic on collaboration from Tiffany Whitehead. Find all the details HERE.
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Find friends OUTSIDE your school!

From the Knowledge Quest blog, a great article on the value of ISTE. Find it HERE.
And below, proof that librarians are ALWAYS seeking out learning opportunities!
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The graphic isn't enough? Find more details about the study done by NCLE about librarians' methods of learning HERE, or click below!

Need more inspiration?

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Shannon Miller's Follett site (photo above) is packed with links. Take a look HERE.

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