Fife Public Schools

A Message from Superintendent Alfano

July 12, 2022

Dear Fife Staff and Community,

If I have learned one thing in my eight years as the superintendent, it is that change is inevitable and most likely comes when I am not expecting it. I want to share some news with you regarding Fife High School. Principal Brandon Bakke has made the decision to leave Fife Public Schools. Details are provided below. In his short stay in Fife, Brandon has done an amazing job building culture at FHS and reigniting the flame of school spirit. I thank him for all he has done. For many of you, the question will be, "Who will replace Brandon?"

I am over the moon with excitement to announce current assistant principal - Paige Carroll - as the next principal at FHS effective August 1, 2022! Paige has played a crucial role at FHS in assisting Brandon and the rest of the team in reestablishing FHS as a model high school in our area. In addition, Paige has critical skills in organizational leadership, scheduling, and curriculum development that will serve FHS and Fife Public Schools as a whole for many years to come. Personally, this is very exciting news! Paige came to Fife for the opportunity to grow as a leader, and I am thrilled to support her and her team in this amazing leadership opportunity! The following are messages from both Brandon and Paige.

Thank you, and please enjoy the rest of your summer break!

Kevin Alfano



I want you all to know how much I have appreciated my time in Fife. Serving as principal at FHS has been the most rewarding and exciting time in my professional life. I was not expecting to be leaving FHS anytime soon, and I was not seeking out a change or job hunting. I was presented with an opportunity that, upon reflection, I simply could not pass up. I have accepted a position as the Director of Secondary Education for the Character Strong organization.

Making this decision is bar none the most difficult decision of my career. I have loved Fife so much! Thank you for the support you have shown me. I am so appreciative to Superintendent Alfano and the School Board for the opportunity they gave me to come to Fife.

Fife is indeed a special place. I want you all to know you are in great hands. The staff at FHS are an incredible group of committed and caring people. I have worked in many different schools and districts over the years, and I can tell you that Paige Carroll is one of the truly remarkable leaders I’ve worked with. She is immersed in our Fife culture, and I am excited to see how she continues the great work of leading this amazing school as the next principal.

The most difficult part is saying goodbye, and in this case not getting to say goodbye in person, especially to our students. Students, I want you to know how much I’ve loved you! You have touched my heart in more ways than you could ever know. I will not be a stranger, and don’t be surprised if I appear at some point on the sidelines to say hello and cheer on my beloved Trojans.

More than anything, I am so thankful to be Fife for Life!

Get ‘Em Trojans

Brandon Bakke


Dear Fife Community,

I am beyond honored and thrilled to say that I am the new principal of Fife High School. I have loved serving the students, community, and staff of Fife High School for the last six years as one of the assistant principals and can not wait to take on this new role. I am thankful to have worked with such a great administrative team and especially to have been able to work so closely with Brandon over the last four years. This time has helped to prepare me to take over as principal.

I love that Fife High School and the community are so welcoming and caring. I love that Fife takes pride in academics, athletics, and co-curricular activities. I am delighted to continue to help students grow and to meet the needs of Fife High School. Even though I have been around FHS for a while, and some of you know me, I am very excited to meet more of you as we move forward, so please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to me. I plan to send out more information about myself and the start of the year in August, so look for that to come.


Paige Carroll

Principal - Fife High School