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Albert Einstein

Everyone knows Albert Einstein.But how well do you know him?

Alberts birth and death

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, Germany. Albert Einstein was the first child born into a jewish family named the Einsteins. Albert Einstein sadly passed away April 18, 1955. What caused this death was abdominal aortic aneurysm. Albert was 76 when he passed away.

Albert Einstein's Family

When Albert was born he was born into the Einstein family. The Einsteins' names were Harman and Pauline Einstein. Albert Einstein had one sister and no brothers. Albert's sister's name was Maja Einstein. Albert was around 11 when Maja was born. Albert has three cousins Elsa Hemine and Paula Einstein. Their mothers were Fanny koch Jette Einstein and Friederike Einstein.

Marriage and Children of his own

Albert had two wifes and and three children. Albert's first wife was Mileva Maric and they had three children. His children were named Hans Albert Eduard Lieserl Einstein. Malva Maric and Einstein divorced in 1919. Albert married his second wife also in 1919. His second wife was his cousin Elsa Einstein. Albert never divorced his cousin, not that I'm sure of.

Fun facts

Did you know there was a book written about Milva Maric called ‘’In Albert’s Shadow: The Life Letters of Mileva Maric, Einstein’s first wife. Written by Milan Popovic. When Albert was young he played by himself building towers with blocks and he enjoyed reading. Albert never really wore socks and he would complain that they get holes easily. He never wore socks like he never combed his hair.

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Compiled by Dixie T. 2021