Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Early Childhood Center

Mission: "With character and knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."

SPIRIT WEEK 5-16-16 through 5-19-16

Monday 16th: Health and Fitness Day. Wear your work out gear to school and take your kids outside for an extra walk or for extra exercise.

Tuesday 17th: Cardinal Day! Wear Red or your Cardinal Attire. Please be at Southwest ready to be on the bus by 4:15. Party bus will take those of you going to St. Louis and bring you back. The game officially starts at 7:15. Bring your own beverages on the bus. If the game gets rained out before we get there, I believe the man said we could get out of our contract. If not we may just go shopping and eat on the Hill instead. You do not have to be going to the game to wear cardinal stuff!

Wednesday 18th: Destination Graduation Day. Wear your DG shirt to celebrate all the graduates!

Thursday 19th: Southwest Shirt day. Wear your favorite Southwest shirt. Come celebrate Brenda Proebsting's at 1:00 at Rias.

Brenda Proebsting's Retirement Info

Brenda's retirement party will begin at Ria's on May 19th at 1:00. It will be from 1-2. In order to compensate for drive time as we are required to work a full day on the last day of school, you will need to come in 30 minutes early or stay later 30 minutes. Every leaving the building for lunch or attending Brenda's retirement celebration will need to sign out and back at the secretary's desk.

Cubby PTO Needs Our Help with Kids Fest

We need your help—the Cubby PTO holds one fundraiser this year, which allows us
to support SWECC during the school year. We sell SnoBiz at Kid’s Fest. Kid’s Fest is
scheduled for Saturday, June 4th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m but there is also an option to help mix syrups June 3rd as well. We hope you will consider helping us this year—we need YOU!!

Sign Up by clicking HERE!

Safety Concern

The door next to Sarah's old office that leads outside to the playground has not been getting pulled closed all the way and is unlatched. When you go through that door please ensure you are pulling it closed so that kids on the playground do not open the door...this has already happened once this week. Thanks Everyone!

Technology Corner and 16-17 Purchase Orders

It is that time of year again to fill out the P.O. for the items you are in need of for the 16-17 school year. Please email Sasha you P.O. by the last day of school if you are a Title teacher, please email Shelley if you are an EER teacher, and please email Sarah if you are an ECSE teacher/therapist. BE SURE TO INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS on the P.O. LakeShore now does 5% off and FREE shipping and School Specialty give 35% off and FREE shipping. Classroom Connection gives 15% off with FREE shipping. Title I does not know exactly how much $ we can spend yet as I am still waiting for Jason to let me know but I would plan on the $300 amount and when I know how much we have we can adjust our orders from there.

Click here for an information sheet on how to fill out electronic purchase orders. If you have any further questions you can contact Jennifer Penserum, Tracey Bechtel or Alyssa Famuliner. Please make sure to set up a time that fits in both of your schedules. Click HERE for the electronic form.

Summer School


The sub rate is $75/day for Summer School.When you need a sub, you will need to arrange it and let Michelle Brice know so that she can turn it in for the sub to get paid.

Year-End Equipment Procedure for Resigning & Retiring Staff

Click HERE and follow steps if you are resigning or retiring.
Process for purchasing CLICK HERE
Processes for returning CLICK HERE


  • Laura Huntley - Great job planning the ECSE Graduation Party! Valerie

Conscious Discipline:

We often say, "good job!" or "thank you!" when children comply with our commands. These types of statements teach children to follow rules in order to please the adult. In conscious Discipline the goal is not to please others, but to foster safety and build intrinsic motivation.
The Compliment!