Outstanding Short Answer Responses

Adapting Instruction and receiving feedback for SAR

Get new tools for all students, practice scoring responses, and learn from an experienced Pearson trainer.

Monday, 2/9, 4:45 - 7:00 p.m.

Workshop Title: Adapting Instruction and Feedback for Short Answer Responses to Meet STAAR Expectations: A Look Ahead

Participants will learn the essential skills students will need to be successful when writing short answer responses for the End-of-Course Assessments based upon the presenter’s first-hand knowledge and experience grading the STAAR for Pearson. We will practice scoring responses based on these standards. Effective graphic organizers and strategies for teaching struggling learners how to successfully write single and connecting short answers on the EOC will also be provided.

Audience: Grade 8 English, ESL, and Reading Teachers

Presenter: Laura West, Round Rock High School

Parking Directions - Toolbox, Round Rock High School, Building 200 Parking

eCampus# - 4762.28516 Teaching & Learning Toolbox #203