Children Who have made a Difference

How have children made difference?

Alexander Scott

Alexander Scott was born in 1996 in Manchester, Connecticut. Her parents were Liz and Jay Scott. She was the 2nd of 4 children. She was diagnosed with childhood cancer before she was even one year old! The doctors told her parents it was unlikely she would ever walk again, if she survived. How ever she was able to overcome this she was able to crawl around and stand with leg braces.

She was appearing to overcome cancer, that is until her next birthday when they found out that her tumors were starting to grow again. When she was four years old she had a stem cell transplant. She told her mom 'When I get out of the hospital I want to have a lemonade stand.I want to give the money to the doctors so they can help other kids just like they helped me!¨

She had meant what she said and later that year she had raised over $2,000 that she donated to the hospital. Her and her family continued to have yearly lemonade stands. She has inspired other people to have lemonades and donate the money raised to Alexandra and her family

Sadly she died at the age of 8 knowing that she had raised over 1 million dollars for people who had the same cancer, that took her life.

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