rebelous reptiles


Snakes have many fearsome adaptations

One adaptation snake has is a snake has spectacles. Spectacles are a clear scale over their eyes. Snakes don’t have eyelids. Another is adaptation is using its tongue for smell. They find a scent and follow it. A Snake has over 200 bones in its body. A snake is very agile. It has bones that help it slither along. A snake can molt. Molting is when a snake’s skin is too small for its body. It slithers out of its skin and goes on like nothing happed.

snakes take a long time to hatch from eggs when they are born

  It takes about two to ten weeks to hatch. A snake’s mother doesn’t help it hatch at all. Because the snake’s mother doesn’t help at all, the snake needs to store up a lot of energy to hatch. To get out of the egg the snake uses an egg tooth, which is an tooth with razor sharp edges

Snakes devour food in diffrent ways.

Snakes teeth are facing backwards. Snakes can’t chew. Snakes teeth are for holding and grabbing. A snake can swallow a mouse whole. When a snake has its prey, it will choke it and swallow it whole.                


in conclusion, snakes have many abilites.